combining advanced research in deep learning, computer vision, bigdata, cloud and wearable computing
computer vision
big data
cloud streaming
computer vision
technologically advanced computer vision engines intrumented and tuned for exceptional accuracy and speed
deep learning

Facial expressions are extracted using deep convolutional neural networks, a deep learning technique used by cutting edge researchers for highest accuracy

Our methods are pose and lighting invariant, capable of detecting micro and subtle expressions, and trained on a high quality and high volume proprietary datasets

Deep learning techniques are also used in building our proprietary deep models, learning user emotions and behavior, across age, gender and geography


We've amassed a proprietary dataset centered around children between the ages 3 and 16, across multiple ethnicities

For greater accuracy of facial expression recognition, the dataset is preclassified and algorithms trained on Facial Action Coding System (FACS)

head motion & facial landmarks

Our head motion tracker can calculate displacement in 3D, yaw, pitch and roll movements and an overall head movement intensity with superb accuracy

Our facial landmark detection is based on Constrained Local Models (CLM) and is adapted and trained to suit varying face sizes of children

face detection & tracking

Our deep learning based face detector is built from ground up and is trained to detect faces of children and adults, with varying degrees of tilt

Our robust pre-processing engine counteracts the large variations in illumination and pose by enhancing the quality of input frames

Faces are tracked using a customized implementation of Dr. Zdenek Kalal's award winning Object tracker (TLD 2.0), enhanced and optimized to track multiple faces in realtime with higher accuracy, and long term tracking under partial occlusions

real time and content synced bio-feedback is facilitated through our smart wristband, equipped with some of the most advanced form factor sensors
arm movement intensity through acceleration
arm movement intensity through rotation
heart rate
body temperature
electrodermal activity
overall mood/stress & EDA
handle incoming video, deep learning models and datasets using distributed and scalable bigdata technologies
apache storm
Advanced distributed processing using apache storm
Distributed batch learning of deep models
Distributed, scalable and highly performant MongoDB cluster
cloud streaming
content management
Customizeable CMS leverages multiple content types, allows streamlined content publishing, editing and management
realtime streaming
Video streaming between client and server (2-way, duplex), using industry standard codecs and compression